ShareASale Destination

Segment makes it easy to send your data to ShareASale (and lots of other destinations). Once you've tracked your data through our open source libraries we'll translate and route your data to ShareASale in the format they understand. Learn more about how to use ShareASale with Segment.

Getting Started

When you toggle on ShareASale in Segment, this is what happens:

  • Our CDN is updated within 5-10 minutes. Then our snippet will start asynchronously loading ShareASale tag onto your page. This means you should remove ShareASale’s snippet from your page.
  • Your ShareASale sidebar will begin appearing for your team.

ShareASale is a destination that is only supported on the client-side.


When you call identify on analytics.js and you have enabled “Create Leads” in the advanced options, then we will create a lead for the user with the userId that you specify. Note that if the userId is not specified, then no lead is created.


ShareASale only supports the event “Order Completed”, which requires the following properties:

  • orderId
  • total or subtotal
  • an optional repeat property to signify whether a customer has bought from you before. Valid values for this property are true or false.

Supported Sources and Connection Modes

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based

To learn more about about Connection Modes and what dictates which we support, see here.


Segment lets you change these destination settings via your Segment dashboard without having to touch any code.

Create Leads

This will create leads in ShareaSale for identify method calls that have a userID associated with them.

Merchant ID

The merchantId given to you by your ShareASale account manager.

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