Sherlock Destination

Sherlock is the first engagement scoring application for SaaS businesses who want to truly understand user engagement. Build an engagement algorithm and understand the engagement of your users, accounts and segments.

This integration is maintained by Sherlock. For questions or help with your integration, please contact [Sherlock support][].

Getting Started

The first step is to make sure Sherlock supports the source type and connection mode you’ve chosen to implement. You can learn more about what dictates the connection modes we support here.

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based
  1. From your Segment UI’s Destinations page click on “Add Destination”.
  2. Search for “Sherock” within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  3. Enter your Sherlock API Key in the Segment UI.
  4. Start sending data!

Data Tracking

Sherlock’s system processes data for all tracking calls with the following notes.

Page and Screen

When Sherlock receives page calls, they record a Viewed Page event. Sherlock sets a Viewed Page: Page Name property on it with the name from the page call.

Similarly when Sherlock receives a screen call, they record a Viewed Screen event with a Viewed Screen: Screen Name property.


When Sherlock receives a group call, they record all traits specified for the group. They also assign a Group ID trait to to the user indicating membership.


When they receive an alias call, they record an alias for the specified userId and previousId. Data under both names are then merged into a single record.

Nested Objects and Arrays

Sherlock’s system flattens nested property and trait values into key/value pairs. Consider an object:

  "id": 42,
  "item": {
    "name": "Hat",
    "details": {
      "color": "red",
      "size": "small"

This would be flattened into pairs with keys for each path delimited by .:

  "id": 42,
  "": "Hat",
  "item.details.color": "red",
  "item.details.size": "small"

Array values are unsupported and ignored by Sherlock’s system.

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