SimpleReach Destination

SimpleReach helps brands, agencies, and publishers increase the impact of their content marketing. The SimpleReach Destination is open-source. You can browse the code on GitHub.

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Getting Started

The first step is to make sure SimpleReach supports the source type and connection mode you’ve chosen to implement. You can learn more about what dictates the connection modes we support here.

📱 Device-based
☁️ Cloud-based
  1. From your Segment UI’s Destinations page click on “Add Destination”.
  2. Search for “SimpleReach” within the Destinations Catalog and confirm the Source you’d like to connect to.
  3. In your Segment Settings UI, enter your SimpleReach PID which was given to you by the SimpleReach client services team.
  4. In about 5-10 minutes the CDN will be updated and the SimpleReach snippet will be initialized onto your page and data will flow through to your SimpleReach Dashboard.

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