Journeys Overview

Journeys, a feature of Segment Personas, provides a way for marketers to personalize experiences through planning how and when to engage customers with the right campaigns and messages.

Journeys enable you to define steps in a user’s journey based on event behavior and traits. You can build Journeys from your tracking events, traits, computed traits, or audiences. At each step of a journey, you can send your list of users to any personas-compatible destination.

Get started

Start with the visual builder to define entrance criteria, build out conditional branching logic, then focus messaging to drive conversion. Repeat purchase campaigns, trial conversions, and onboarding flows are great examples to get started from. For more information, see Build a Journey.

Send data to your destinations

Connect destinations to your Journey to send events or user lists when users reach the corresponding step in the Journey. For more information, see Send Journeys data to a Destination.

Best practices and FAQ

For information about best practices for getting started with Journeys, and to view frequently asked questions about Journeys, see Best Practices and FAQ.

Journeys use cases

See Examples Journeys Use Cases for examples of ways you can use Journeys in your marketing workflow.

Journeys glossary

For a list of key terms related to Journeys, see Journeys Key Terms.

Journeys Product Limits

For information about Product Limits related to journeys, see Product Limits - Journeys.

This page was last modified: 25 Apr 2022