What is a destination?

Destinations are business tools or apps that you can connect via Segment with the flick of a switch. Some of our most popular destinations are Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, Customer.io, Intercom, and KeenIO.

All these tools run on the same data: who are your customers and what are they doing. However, each tool requires that data in slightly different formats. Without Segment, you have to write code to track all of this information, again and again, for each tool, on each page of your app or website.

We eliminate this process by introducing an abstraction layer. You just send your data to us. We understand it, translate it, and send it along to any destination you toggle on in the Segment destinations catalog. Immediately, your user data will start flowing into those tools’ dashboards. No extra code required!

We support many categories of destinations, from advertising to marketing, email to customer support, CRM to user testing, and even data warehouses. You can view a complete list of our destinations or check out our Catalog page for a searchable list broken down by category.

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