Should I use Personas if I already have a marketing automation tool?

Personas pairs well with marketing automation tools on the Segment platform.

You can think of Personas as the brain on top of your raw data streams, synthesizing those event streams into profiles, relationships, clusters, and new insights about your users.

From there, your marketing, product, sales, and success teams have channels on which they can act on a user’s needs.

They can reach out via livechat, email, push notification, or text. Success can better prioritize their support ticket in Zendesk, or hone in on the customer’s problem faster. On the sales side, they can focus on the products a prospect is most engaged with, or focus on getting the customer on the right plan. Your product team can serve specific recommendations, based on that user’s specific needs next time they visit your site.

Today, most businesses are forced to think about each channel as individual siloes. With Personas, all channels — including your marketing automation tool — can be powered by the same, singular understanding of your users.

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