What events should I track?

As the central hub for your customer data, we think it’s important to impart hard-won best practices from our happiest and most successful customers.

This is one of those best practices:

Analytics is overwhelming. Lots of people think that tracking 73 different metrics means they’ve solved their analytics problem. Don’t do it! Unless you’ve got employees twiddling their thumbs, you’ll never be able to handle that many metrics.

Our most successful and happiest customers, irrespective of size, limit their tracking plan to a tight suite of core events with rich sets of properties that they can use to answer concrete questions they have about their business.

Here are some rules to follow when spec-ing out your tracking plan to keep it neat, tidy, and semantically useful:

  • Don’t create event names dynamically.

  • Don’t create events to track properties.

  • Don’t create property keys dynamically.

  • Make sure every event helps you answer a question about your business.

  • Start with your core customer lifecycle to construct your funnel.

  • Only add events as you feel they’re missing.

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