Is there a free trial for paid plans?

Yes! We offer a two-week trial on the Team plan to let you try the plan before you purchase it!

We also offer the Developer plan, which includes up to 1,000 MTUs, at no cost to you.

Find out more about the different plans and which one suits your needs best here.

Team Trial FAQ

What is the Team trial?

The Team trial is a 14-day free trial of Segment’s Team plan, and it includes all the features associated with a Team plan, including unlimited sources, two warehouse syncs per day, 10 seats, and 10,000 MTUs (with the ability to track more MTUs as needed).

How do I get a two-week Team trial?

You automatically receive a two week trial when you sign up for a Team plan.

Do I have to be a “new” customer to receive the free Team trial?

The free trial is available to all customers who have never had a Team plan. This includes new customers as well as customers who have previously been on the Developer plan.

Do you have to include your payment information when signing up for a Team trial?

If you’re upgrading from a Developer plan, you are required to add your payment information.

If you are signing up for a new Team plan, you do not have to add your payment information during sign up. However, if you would like to continue to use the Team plan after the 14 day trial, please add your credit card information on the “Payment Information” page in your workspace before the trial ends.

What happens when the two week trial ends?

If you added your payment information, your subscription will automatically continue at the regular rate after the trail period expires. You can delete your workspace or downgrade to the free Developer plan anytime during the trial if you don’t want to be charged.

If you have not added your payment information, we will ask that you add your payment information during your two week trial.

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