How do I change my plan?

If you already have a Segment workspace, you can change which plan your workspace is on by navigating to the “Usage & Billing” menu, then finding the “Plans” page. You can select your new plan on the “Plans” page.

If you cancel or downgrade your workspace within your 2-week trial period, you will not incur any charges.

What if I cancel my workspace before the end of the month?

Cancellation on the Monthly Team Plan

If you cancel your workspace or downgrade to a free developer account before the end of your official billing period on the monthly team plan, you will receive a final bill consisting of a prorated amount for the $120 base + a charge for any MTUs you have used over the allotted 10,000 at the rates posted on our pricing page.

Cancellation on the Annual Team Plan

We do not issue refunds for the pre-paid portion of your annual bill after your trial has ended.

Please be aware that if you notify us that you want to cancel your annual plan, but continue to send data to our servers, you may incur overage charges in any given month. Please fully delete your workspace or cycle your write keys to stop all data flow into Segment and avoid future charges.

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