Team Member

Team Members are indiviudals with access to Segment. They can have access to one or more workspaces, and authenticate either with email/password or Single Sign On. A Personal Access Token is used to access our Config API.


A role is used to give an account access to resources within a workspace.


A Workspace holds your entire Segment configuration, including sources, destinations, warehouses, and so on.

Resource Types

Resource types are the building blocks of Segment:

  • Workspaces
  • Sources
  • Destinations (Streaming Destinations)
  • Warehouses
  • Audiences
  • Traits
  • Tracking Plans

Members can be granted owner access to a resource type either globally (for example owner access to all warehouses), or to specific instances of a resource (for example only owner access to Redshift)

Resource Instances

Your Workspace is a resource instance, as well as everything in it (like your sources iOS Prod and Android Prod). We’ve designed access management around these resource types, and you can grant roles to all or instances of each.

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