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Data Deliverability

Segment increases deliverability to end integrations in two ways: retries and replays. Retries happen automatically for all customers, while replays are available on request for Business customers.


The integration endpoint APIs we send data to have fluctuations in availability due to any number of issues ranging from network to code to overload. Typically data sent to these APIs during small outage fluctuations would just be dropped and lost. However, Segment’s internal systems re-enqueue failed messages and retry each datapoint up to five times over 30 minutes. In many cases this substantially improves delivery rates.

Here’s an example integration that was only successfully accepting 93.36% of all API requests (without Segment that’s 6.64% data lost), but after Segment’s retries the full deliverability rose to 99.28%.

segment integration data deliverability retries

You can see the current integration endpoint API success rates and final delivery rates for Segment’s server-side integrations on our status page.


Replays allow customers to replay arbitrary historical data from our S3 logs into downstream server-side integrations. If you want to try out a new email or analytics tool, for example, we can replay your historical data for the past 6 months into that tool. This gives you a great testing environment and prevents data lock-in when vendors try to hold data hostage. Replay is available to our Business customers, and you can learn more by contacting us.

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