Gainsight Integration

With Segment you can enable Gainsight for your project in one click. With the flick of a switch you can send data to Gainsight using our open source libraries. Be up and running in minutes!

Gainsight helps businesses reduce churn, increase up-sell and drive customer success. It integrates with salesforce to evaluate various sources of customer intelligence. Visit Website

Getting Started

When you toggle on Gainsight in Segment, we’ll start sending data to the Gainsight API for your account. Currently, Gainsight will send data from any one of our libraries.

To start pushing user data to Gainsight, toggle the integration on and add your Access Key. This key can be generated from the integrations page under the “admin” area in Gainsight.

Gainsight currently supports the following methods:


To map user activity to customers in Salesforce, you’ll need to use the group call to associate users with their Salesforce account ids.


Segment lets you change these settings on the Integrations page, without having to touch any code.

Access Key

It should be 36 characters long, and look something like this: 35a84f9e-7084-47a1-b8a5-593444e9e862.

If you ever have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, feel free to contact us!

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