Integrating with Segment gives you access to thousands of customers who can install your service with the flip of a switch. Beyond a powerful distribution channel, you can activate customers faster and collect data from a variety of libraries and plugins with Segment. Read on to learn the benefits of joining the Segment platform.

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Reach new customers

You can access thousands of companies that love trying new tools with a Segment integration. Our customers are invested in using data as a competitive advantage and can easily install new tools. As a result, they are very open to experimenting with new apps and integrations.

Some of our partners see 30-50% of their new signups coming through Segment. We’ll work with you to make sure our audience knows about your integration and all the awesome things it can do.

Activate customers faster

For many companies in our space, getting users to actually install your service is often the highest barrier to closing sales and activating customers. With a Segment integration, this problem goes away. Customers will be able to install your tool with zero additional engineering effort. To automatically send their data to your service, a customer simply has to input their credentials and click “on”.

Activating business-level customers is even easier with Segment. What used to be a long sales cycle turns into a product demo with real data thanks to a feature called replay. Our business customers can request that we replay their historical data into your tool (if you have a server-side integration). That means on the first day of your trial, they can start with months of data in your dashboard. Then you can give them a demo with their real data, which will help you close deals faster.

Collect more types of data

It takes a lot of engineering effort to support data collection for all the ways people want to connect with your product: web, mobile, server, wearables, and more.

With a Segment integration, you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining all of these libraries and plugins. Our goal is to build and manage the data collection for you, so you can focus on your core product. For example, our libraries have enabled web-based companies like Marketo to ingest mobile data, and mobile companies like Amplitude to accept web data. No maintenance required. Take a look at all of our libraries and plugins here.

Join the Platform!

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