Once you’re finished building an destination, we’ll launch your destination on the platform in “Beta”. You will be privately listed, and we will provide you with a hidden URL for beta customers to test your destination. Once you have 10 customers sending data to your destination via Segment, we will make your destination public in our UI and marketing sites. Our beta program is in place to ensure the destination is in tip top shape before pushing it to the wider Segment community.

Once your destination is live, a great way to further partner with Segment is by implementing the Enable with Segment button in your setup flow. This asset was built to help our partners provide a seamless experience for our mutual customers, and avoids the need for our customers to copy and paste credentials to enable your destination.

Post launch, we will monitor the growth of your destination on our platform and reach out to you should there be an opportunity to work on content, a webinar or event together. Feel free to send us ideas of ways you’d like to partner with us, but also bear in mind that we have over 200+ partners and can only participate in a handful each quarter to ensure quality.

Resources for Marketing Your Destination

When you mention Segment in external collateral or documentation, please use the following assets.

If you have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know!