Packaged Destinations

In a packaged destination, we transform customers’ data inside our client library and send the data directly into your library running alongside the client’s application code.

This is the destination method if your application relies on third party cookies (Advertising pixels), needs to modify the UI (A/B testing, Push Notification/In-app Messaging tools, Widgets/LiveChat), or needs to collect ambient data in the client (Heatmapping, Error & Performance Monitoring tools).

Please follow the documentation carefully. Segment won’t review or merge pull requests for destinations that don’t follow best practices or don’t provide any more functionality than that supported by a direct destination. If you have questions or get stuck, please contact

Becoming a Packaged Partner is a four-step process. By starting or continuing this process, you agree to the Segment Platform Partners Agreement.

To become a packaged destination partner, complete the following steps:

1. Complete the destination survey

Complete an destination survey so we know you’re building an destination and can support you.

Please do not move forward in the process until you hear back from our Partners team.

2. Build and test the destination

Once you’ve received approval from the destinations team at Segment, you’ll then need to write a custom transformation module for the appropriate Segment library. As you can host these modules in repositories yourself, you’ll have no impediment from Segment in updating and releasing new versions of your destination, and customers will specify in their build phase the version of your SDK and destination they’d like to use.

Please refer to the documentation and examples in these repositories to learn how to add a packaged destination for the appropriate library. You can also sign up for a free Segment account to see how these destinations can be turned on in the Segment user interface.

For all contributions, please follow the Segment Spec.

Before reviewing, we’ll need to see a full suite of cross-device tests.

3. Submit your technical survey for review!

Once you’ve tested your destination successfully, complete the Packaged Destination Completion Form. This is a short application to get all the essentials to get you onto our platform! Once you’ve completed it, our team will review your contribution and work with your team to get it released.

Due to the high volume of requests, it may take up to a week for Segment to review your application. At the end of the application, there is an option to get a link to edit your response to the form or send a copy.

4. Private Beta

After we have reviewed and approved your application and destination, you’ll be placed in Private Beta. The purpose of Private Beta is to test the destination with at least 10 mutual customers or more than 20MM events. You’ll remain in Private Beta until you have fulfilled this criteria.

When you have completed the requirements of Private Beta, you’ll be launched onto the platform in Public Beta. From this point on, you’ll be visible to all Segment customers in the dashboard!

If you have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know!