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Personas is built on Segment’s core platform that allows you to personalize messages across channels, optimize ad spend, and improve targeting. It runs on the first-party data that you are collecting from your Segment Sources, including mobile, web, server, and event cloud sources.

There are five components of Personas:

  • Identity Resolution & Profiles: Personas automates the manual process of resolving disparate event data from across devices and channels. With the Segment Identity Graph, Personas intelligently merges customer data into complete user or account-level profiles.
  • Computed Traits: Personas offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build per-user or per-account metrics like lifetime value.
  • SQL Traits: Personas also gives you the ability to run custom queries on your data warehouse, and import the results into Segment.
  • Audiences: With audiences you can create a list of users or accounts, like dormant big spenders or inactive accounts, and push that to your marketing and analytics tools.
  • Activation: Once you’ve created your Computed Traits and Audiences, Personas syncs them to your Segment Destinations with just a few clicks. You can use these to personalize messages across channels, optimize ad spend, and improve targeting. You can also use the Profile API to build in-app and onsite personalization.

Getting Started

Getting started with Personas is easy because it’s built off of the data that you’re already sending to Segment. Once you’ve setup a Segment account and are collecting data from one or more Sources, you can enable Personas for your workspace.

If you are an existing Segment customer, simply reach out to your CSM to request Personas. If you are a new customer or don’t have a CSM, request a demo and our team will reach out to walk you through the setup process.

This page was last modified: 19 Nov 2019

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