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Journeys is available to Personas Advanced customers
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Use this guide to create a new Journey.

Before you begin

Verify that you’ve connected at least one source to your Personas space, with events streaming in.

For more information, see Setting up your Sources.

Adding the entry condition

  1. From your Personas space, click the Journeys tab.
  2. Click + New Journey to access the Journey builder.
  3. Click + Add Entry Condition. Define entry criteria with an entry condition, the first step in the Journey. Before publishing, you can also enable historical data and preview users who meet the entry criteria.
    1. Add a name to describe the step, for example New users.
    2. Add inclusion conditions, or import conditions from an existing audience to define users who will enter the Journey.
    3. Check Use historical data to allow users who have already matched the entry criteria to enter the Journey. Otherwise, only users who meet the entry conditions after publication will enter the Journey.
    4. Click Preview to see the list of user who meet your criteria. Verify that you’ve defined the right conditions.
    5. Click Save.
  4. Segment displays the entry condition on the Journey Builder canvas. It may take up to 2 minutes for Segment to estimate the number of users in the journey.
  5. Click + to add the next step and view available step types.

Users can only enter a Journey once.

Using historical data for the entry step

If you select the Use historical data option, Segment queries all historical data to generate a list of users who enter the Journey upon publication. If you don’t select Use historical data, only users who satisfy the entry condition after you publish enter the Journey.

Your Use historical data selection won’t impact subsequent Journey steps. Only future events and existing trait memberships trigger post-entry Journey steps.

Available step types

Journeys provides 5 step types, which you can add after the entry condition.

Step types

Wait for condition defines the conditions that a user must satisfy to move from one step to the next. You can define new conditions or import conditions from an existing audience.

wait for condition

Wait for duration defines the length of time in minutes, hours, days, or weeks that a user must wait before moving to the next step.

True/false split divides the previous step’s user group into 2 branches, based on Boolean logic against a defined condition. Users who satisfy the condition(s) move to the True branch. Otherwise, they move to the False branch. To enforce mutual exclusivity, Journeys evaluates true/false conditions when a user reaches the relevant step.

You can add Step Names to describe the users in the True and False branch.

true/false split

Multi-branch split divides the group of users from the previous step into 2 or more branches based on conditions you define for each branch.

Define the number of branches you want to create. Then, add a Wait for condition step to define each branch’s condition.

Journeys doesn’t enforce mutual exclusivity in branch conditions. For more information about ensuring branch exclusivity, see Best Practices.

Send to Destinations delivers information about the journey to the selected Destination. For more information, see Send data to Destinations

Cloning a Journey

To clone a Journey:

  1. In Journey List view, click the icon at the end of a row.
  2. Select Clone Journey.

Segment then creates a draft of your Journey.

You can also clone a Journey from a Journey’s Overview by clicking the icon.

Publishing a Journey

To publish and activate a Journey, click Publish Journey from the Journey Overview. You can also click Publish Journey in the bottom-right corner of the Journey Builder.

After publication, Segment limits which Journeys features you can edit. For more information, see the difference between Draft and Published Journeys below.

Drafting a Journey

When you’ve finished creating your Journey, click Save as Draft in the bottom-right corner.

When Journeys are in a draft state

  • Journeys estimates user counts only for the entry step.
  • Journeys doesn’t send data to connected Destinations.

About Published Journeys

Keep the following considerations in mind when working with a published Journey:

  • It may take up to 3 hours for Journeys to compute user counts after publication.
  • You can edit a Journey’s name, description, and Destination steps.
  • You can’t add, edit, or delete other steps in the Journey.
  • Once Journeys computes and displays user counts, you’ll see the list of users at each step of the Journey.
  • Click a user profile to see the Journey list to which they belong.
  • Journeys sends and updates data to Destinations in real-time.

Edit name, description, and Destinations

Edit name and description

To edit your Journey name and description, navigate to the Settings tab of the Journey Overview.

Edit destinations

To edit Destinations, click Edit Destinations from the Journey Overview. You can add, edit, or delete connected Destinations within existing Send to Destinations steps.

This page was last modified: 18 Aug 2021

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