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Note: The Identity warehouse has limited availability and does not support GDPR deletion requests. Contact your Segment customer success manager to enable this feature.

The Engage Identity Warehouse allows customers to export all identifiers associated with any one user.

When enabled, customers see a source called Engage Identities <space_name>. This automatically synchronizes to warehouses in a customer’s workspace. To disable, use Selective Sync.

To query the underlying data, customers can query:

SELECT * FROM engage_<space_name>_identities.users_identities

The columns in the tables are:

Name Metadata
created_source the source key that sent the message containing the external_id to Engage
external_id_type the type of external_id (email, user_id, cross_domain_id, etc)
external_id_value the value of the external_id
merged_at the timestamp of when this profile was merged
merged_from the previous segment_id that this external_id belonged to before the merge
segment_id the index of the user profile
synced_at when the data was synced to the Identities source
created_at when the mapping or merging was created

Example Queries

To see all identifiers associated with a certain user, first look up the segment_id associated with the external_id_value. Then, query all external_id_value’s associated with the segment_id.

 with t1 AS
  (SELECT segment_id
   FROM engage_identities.users_identities
   WHERE external_id_value = '')
SELECT u.segment_id, created_source, external_id_type, external_id_value
FROM engage_identities.users_identities u
JOIN t1 on u.segment_id = t1.segment_id
segment_id created_source external_id_type external_id_value
use_abc123 640YebQ2Ri email
use_abc123 fHz4PsaUf8 email
use_abc123 fHz4PsaUf8 anonymous_id feaa68e5-1057-4e32-8702-a2462b454474
use_abc123 fHz4PsaUf8 user_id 0P1Qls5jrj
use_abc123 640YebQ2Ri 4f0bf0e9-44db-4127-8c0c-90f8b261b08e
use_abc123 640YebQ2Ri 0440f065-9291-4601-aabe-218620e3c69d

This page was last modified: 27 Sep 2022

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