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Protocols was developed from the ground up to support a wide range of customer needs. Whether you’re interested in helping your engineers reduce tracking errors, or want to get notified when an issue arises, or want to use a Tracking Plan you already have, we have a suite of features and API support to get it done. We’ve captured many of those resources below.

Anomaly detection

If you’re using Protocols, you might want to get notifications when an anomaly in event volumes or Protocols violation counts occurs. This document clarifies what we mean by anomaly detection, gives examples of anomalies that might be relevant to your business, and provides some example solutions of how to monitor and alert on anomalies using some standard tools available today.

Read more about Anomaly Detection here

Config API

Protocols customers get access to the Segment Config API, which enables programmatic creation, configuration, and fetching of core Segment platform resources such as Sources, Destinations, and now Tracking Plans. The Config API represents Segment’s commitment to developers, enabling customers to extend their workflows around customer data collection and activation. The Config API will be generally available to customers in coming months and will be evolving with more features throughout next year.

Supported Operations

  • List Tracking Plans
  • Get Tracking Plan
  • Create Tracking Plan
  • Update Tracking Plan
  • Delete Tracking Plan

Learn more about the Config API here


Typewriter is a tool for generating strongly-typed Segment analytics libraries based on your pre-defined Tracking Plan spec. Head over to the docs to get started with Typewriter.

Google Sheets Tracking Plan Uploader

Thousands of Segment customers have used Google Sheets to build Tracking Plans. We created the following template to help you draft a Tracking Plan and easily upload that Tracking Plan to Segment. Keep in mind that uploading changes from Google Sheets will overwrite any changes made in the Segment UI.

View the Google Sheets Tracking Plan template here. Feel free to make a copy!

To upload your Tracking Plan directly from Google Sheets, follow these steps:

  1. Generate a Personal Access Token following the steps here
  2. Copy your Personal Access Token, your Workspace’s slug and your tracking plan’s rs_ id (found in the URL path of your Tracking Plan) to the Importer Settings worksheet. Then click on the Segment > Send to Segment menu item to upload your Tracking Plan to Segment.

This page was last modified: 16 Sep 2021

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