Analytics.js, our Javascript library, is the most powerful way to track customer data from your website. We recommend it over server-side libraries as the default installation for any website.


Our Mobile SDKs are the best way to simplify your iOS, Android, and Xamarin app tracking. We recommend them over server-side sources as the default installation for any mobile app.


Our server-side sources let you send analytics data directly from your servers. We only recommend tracking from your servers when client-side tracking won’t work. Check out our guide on server-side tracking if you’re not sure whether it makes sense for your use case.

Cloud App

Cloud app sources empower you to pull together data from all of your different third-party tools into one warehouse. To make use of cloud sources you need to have at least one cloud source and one warehouse enabled.

To dig into some examples of how to pull this data together, check out our sample queries in the Segment Community.


If we don’t have a library for your environment yet, you can always send your data directly to our HTTP Tracking API. All of our other sources and platforms use the HTTP API to work their magic behind the scenes.


Our Pixel Tracking API lets you track events from environments where you can’t execute code, like tracking email opens.

Source request

We’d love to know what other sources of data you’d like to analyze. Please log your request.


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Cloud Sources

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For additional information, check out our Guides section.

If you have any questions or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know or kick off a conversation in the Segment Community!