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Take your company’s email analysis to the next level by adding Autopilot as a Source to Segment. We’ll automatically collect email events like Email Delivered and Email Opened, forward them to your destinations, and load them into your data warehouse.

Getting Started

Sign in to your Autopilot account and visit the Segment destination to connect. Check the gif below:

Autopilot Events

Below is a table of events that Autopilot sends to Segment. These are the events that will appear in your warehouse or your destinations, depending on what connections you enable in Segment:

Event NameDescription
Email BouncedReceiving server could not or would not accept message
Email DeliveredMessage has been successfully delivered to the receiving server
Email ClickedRecipient clicked on a link within the message
Email Marked as SpamRecipient marked message as spam
Email OpenedRecipient has opened the HTML message
Email UnsubscribedRecipient clicked on message’s subscription management link
Email RepliedRecipient replied to the message

Autopilot Event Properties

Below is a table of properties that are sent for the event above:

Property NameDescription
eventThe email event type
campaign_idThe ID of the journey
campaign_nameThe name of the journey
email_idThe ID of the email
email_subjectThe subject line of the email
transactionalDefines the email as transactional or a one time send
link_idThe ID of the link clicked in an email
link_urlThe URL of the link clicked in an email


Autopilot will send the UserID if the contact has passed through the system before via Segment; otherwise Autopilot will send the email of the contact through as AnonymousID.

Additionally, Autopilot also sends email and contact_id under context.traits.

If you have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know!