Chatlio Source

This is currently in beta. If you are interested in joining, let us know!

Chatlio is a live chat tool that allows you to talk to your customers through your existing Slack service. Chatlio provides built in support for sending chat related events to Segment to give you a full picture of activity on your site including live chat. Visit Chatlio for more info.

Getting Started

  1. From your workspace’s<your-workspace>/sources page, click Add source.
  2. Choose Chatlio.
  3. Give the Source a name. The name will be used to identify this source within your workspace. You can name it however you’d like, but we recommend sticking to something that reflects the Source itself, like Chatlio.
  4. The next page “Overview” will surface your Segment write key for Chatlio. Copy this write key.
  5. To finish the setup, you’ll have to go into your Chatlio dashboard and enter the Segment write key in the settings towards the bottom of the page.
  6. Now when you go back to Segment, click into your Chatlio Source and you’ll be able to add other downstream Destinations where you want to see live chat events.

That’s it! As you engage with your users, events will now be sent to your destinations and automatically loaded into any warehouses you have enabled.

Chatlio Events

Below is a table of events that Chatlio sends to Segment. These are the events that will appear in your warehouse or your destinations, depending on what connections you enable in Segment. In your warehouse, each event will get its own table, as well as a tracks table that aggregates all the events into a single table.

Chatlio automatically ties these events together with other activity on your site using the visitor id.

Event NameDescription
Live Chat Conversation StartedA Live Chat Conversation has started.
Live Chat Conversation EndedA Live Chat Conversation has ended.
Live Chat Message SentA Live Chat Message has been sent.
Live Chat Message ReceivedThe Live Chat Message was received.

Chatlio Event Properties

Below is a table of properties that are sent for the events above:

Property NameTypeDescription
agent_idstringThe Chatlio Agent ID.
agent_namestringThe Chatlio Agent Name.
agent_usernamestringThe Chatlio Agent Username.
conversation_durationIntegerThe duration of the conversation in seconds.
conversation_idstringThe Chatlio conversation ID.
message_idstringThe Chatlio message ID.

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