Delighted Source

Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers. Use the feedback you gather from customers in all of your decision making processes. Send your feedback to your BI and data warehouses automatically.

Getting Started

Sign in to your Delighted account and visit the Segment destination to connect. Once you connect with Segment you need to choose which ‘track’ events you’d like to use as triggers for surveys to be sent people. Then you can configure Delighted to send feedback back to Segment.


NOTE: We only send feedback back to Segment on surveys triggered from Segment initially. This ensures all feedback we send to Segment is identified and enriched with Segment information.

Delighted Events

Below is a table of events that Delighted sends to Segment. These are the events that will appear in your warehouse or your destinations, depending on what connections you enable in Segment:

Event NameDescription
Survey Question AnsweredA user answered a question on a survey they received.

Delighted Event Properties

Below is a table of properties that are sent for the event above:

Property NameDescription
survey_idThe Delighted identifier for the survey.
survey_nameThe name of the survey.
survey_typeThe type of the survey. For example, “NPS” or “CES”.
survey_mediumThe medium used for the survey. For example, “Email” or “SMS”.
survey_toolThe name of the survey tool. This will always be “Delighted”.
survey_question_idThe Delighted identifier for the question.
survey_question_nameThe name of the question.
survey_question_textThe exact text shown to the user for this question.
survey_permalinkA permanent URL to view the survey response on Delighted.
survey_tagsAn array of tags added to the survey response in Delighted.
survey_notesAn array of notes added to the survey response in Delighted.
survey_propertiesAn object containing optional data attached to the survey. This will include all properties sent in the triggering “track” call.


Delighted always sends the values received from Segment for the user_id and/or anonymous_id identifiers. All calls sent to Segment from Delighted will include the original value, Delighted never generates these.

Additionally, they also send email and delighted_person_id under context.traits.

Send Data to Delighted

The Delighted Source works better when you also connect Delighted as a downstream destination within Segment. With the Delighted Destination, you can send Delighted user and event data, which you can use to trigger surveys. Head on over to our Delighted destination docs.

If you have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know!