Facebook Lead Ads Source

The Facebook Lead Ads Source is currently in beta! If you have any feedback for us, please reach out.


Facebook Lead Ads help you capture contact information from people who have expressed interest in your product. Without leaving Facebook’s interface, your prospects can now share helpful information with you including work email, name, phone number, and more. Learn more about Facebook Lead Ads here.

Segment lets you make the most of your leads by automatically sending them to your business tools like CRM and email. Importantly, these destinations allow you to reach out to customers in real-time using your communication platform of choice, whether you’ve promised them a demo, a newsletter, a piece of content, or a call from a salesperson. Learn more about how you can use Facebook Lead Ads with Segment.


Note: Facebook “Admin” permissions are required for setup. Using “Advertiser” or lower permissions will prevent the source from connecting.

  1. Set up a Facebook Lead Ad campaign if you haven’t already. Instructions on how to do so are here.
  2. Log into your Segment account
  3. Go to Sources → Cloud Apps → and select the Facebook Lead Ads Source.

  4. Choose a name for your Source.

  5. Authorize your Facebook account in Segment and select the Facebook Account you want to sync.

  6. Verify that your leads are now flowing into Segment. You can quickly test this connection by sending a test lead to Segment with Facebook’s Lead Ad testing tool.

  7. Click on the Debugger to see a live stream of data coming in from Facebook. You should see your leads come in as Identify calls.

Adding Destinations

  1. Now that your Source is set up, you can connect it with destinations.
  2. To start with, only a subset of our destinations can be used with Facebook Lead Ads (these tools are listed in the chart below). This is because Facebook only passes email as a customer identifier, and many tools require User ID. The tools listed below are those that can accept email as the customer identifier.

    Destinations that can be used with the Facebook Lead Ads Source:

  3. Enter the necessary credentials for the downstream tool you selected

  4. Log into your downstream tool and check to see that your leads are populating and they contains all the properties you expect. If all your properties are not showing up, refer to the destination docs for troubleshooting.


Every time a Facebook user clicks on your Lead Ad and fills out your form, Segment will fire an identify call with the user’s Anonymous ID and any other traits from the form(such as name and email) as properties.

That identify call is then routed to whichever destinations you enabled in your Facebook Lead Ads source.


Once your Lead Ads campaign is up and running, your audience will see a form that you created in the Facebook setup process.

When the user submits the form, an identify call is made. From the Segment Debugger, you can look at the raw code from the identify call:

 "traits": {
   "adId": 6052204319312,
   "formId": 225571381194652,
 "context": {
   "integration": {
   "library": {
 "integrations": {},

You’ll then see those leads show up in whatever destination you’re using for your Facebook Lead Ads source.

If you have any questions, or see anywhere we can improve our documentation, please let us know!