Mandrill Source

Mandrill is a transactional email API for MailChimp users.. Visit Website

Take your company’s email analysis to the next level by adding Mandrill as a Source to Segment. We’ll automatically collect email events like Sent and Opened and load them into your data warehouse.

Getting Started

  1. From your workspace’s sources page, click add source.

  2. Choose Mandrill.

  3. Give the source a nickname and a schema name. The nickname is a label used in the Segment interface, and the schema name is the namespace you query against in your warehouse. Both can be whatever you like, but we recommend sticking to something that reflects the source itself, like Mandrill for nickname and mandrill or mandrill_prod for the schema name.

    Note that you can add multiple instances if you have multiple Mandrill accounts. That’s why we allow you to customize the source’s nickname and schema name!

  4. Copy the auto-generated Webhook URL and paste it into Mandrill’s Event Notification settings pane under Settings > Webhook.

    Once you enable the webhook, you’re good to go! We’ll automatically create your collections based on which triggers you select. If any seem unnecessary for your analysis, feel free to leave them unchecked.

  5. Finally, back in the Segment UI, press Next and then Finish to wrap up the setup flow.



The Mandrill source is comprised only of a streaming component which listens in real time for inbound webhooks from Mandrill’s Webhooks and batches the events to be uploaded on your next warehouse flush. These events are only ever appended to your warehouse. Since Mandrill is strictly used for transactional emails triggered directly by API calls, there are no “dimensional” concepts in their data model that would require any additional components.


Collections are the groupings of resources we pull from your source. In your warehouse, each collection gets its own table.

SentEventMessage has been sent successfully
BouncedEventMessage has hard bounced
OpenedEventRecipient opened a message; will only occur when open tracking is enabled.
Marked As SpamEventRecipient marked a message as spam
RejectedEventMessage was rejected
DelayedEventMessage has been sent, but the receiving server has indicated mail is being delivered too quickly and Mandrill should slow down sending temporarily
Soft-BouncedEventMessage has soft bounced
ClickedEventRecipient clicked a link in a message; will only occur when click tracking is enabled
Recipient UnsubscribesEventRecipient unsubscribed

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