Moesif API Analytics Source

Moesif API Analytics helps you make data-driven product decisions that grows your API platform. Using API analytics, understand how your customers and partners use your APIs and what drives long term engagement and retention.

This is an Event Cloud Source which can not only export data into your Segment warehouse, but they can also federate the exported data into your other enabled Segment Destinations.

This source is maintained by Moesif. For any issues with the source, please reach out to their team.

NOTE: The Moesif API Analytics Source is currently in beta, which means that they are still actively developing the source. This doc was last updated on June 19, 2019. If you are interested in joining their beta program or have any feedback to help improve the Moesif API Analytics Source and its documentation, please let their team know!

Getting Started

  1. From your Segment UI’s Sources page click on “Add Source”.
  2. Select Moesif API Analytics within the Source Catalog and confirm adding the source.
  3. Give the Source a nickname and follow the setup flow to “Add Source”.
  4. Copy the Write Key from the added source. You’ll need this later in Moesif.
  5. Log into your Moesif account, go to the Settings menu and click Extensions.
  6. Select the Segment Extension within the extensions gallery and add your write key under Add Partner Key.

User Properties

Below are tables outlining the properties included in the events listed above. Moesif will include the user’s most recent context as the context object.

Identify User

Property NameDescription
userIdUser Id
traitsTraits of the user
contextContext related to the user

User Traits

companyCompany Id
createdAtTime when user was created in Moesif
nameUser’s Name
emailUser’s email
idUser’s unique identifer
usernameUsername such as Twitter or Github handle
firstSeenTimeTime user was first seen on the API
lastSeenTimeTime user was last seen on the API
modifiedTimeTime when user metadata was last modified
dailyAggregationRollup of User’s API activity

Adding Destinations

Now that your Source is set up, you can connect it with Destinations.

Log into your downstream tools and check to see that your events are populating and they contains all the properties you expect. If all your events and properties are not showing up, refer to the Destination docs for troubleshooting.

If there are any issues with how the events are arriving to Segment, please contact the Moesif team.

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