Pendo Source

Pendo is a product cloud that helps product teams deliver software users love. With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure NPS, onboard users, and announce new features in app—all without requiring engineering resources.

This is an Event Cloud Source which can not only export data into your Segment warehouse, but can also federate the exported data into your other Segment Destinations.

This source is maintained by Pendo. For any issues with the source, please reach out to their team.

NOTE: The Pendo Source will continue to be adding new events sources as it is still in active development. This doc was last updated on September 13, 2019. If you have any feedback to help improve the Pendo Source and its documentation, please let their team know!

Getting Started

  1. From your Segment UI’s Sources page click on “Add Source”.
  2. Search for “Pendo” within the Sources Catalog and confirm by clicking “Connect”.
  3. Give the Source a nickname and follow the setup flow to “Add Source”. The nickname will be used to designate the source in the Segment interface, and Segment will create a related schema name. The schema name is the namespace you’ll be querying against in your warehouse. The nickname can be whatever you like, but we recommend sticking to something that reflects the source itself and distinguishes amongst your environments (eg. Pendo_Prod, Pendo_Staging, Pendo_Dev).
  4. Copy the Write Key from the Segment UI.
  5. Log in to your Pendo subscription - navigate to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks.
  6. Select “Add Webhook”.
  7. Give it a name, select “Segment” in the Type dropdown menu, and paste your Segment Write Key into the textbox.
  8. Select the events you want to send to Segment.
  9. Make sure your webhook is marked as Active and Click “Save”.


Below is a table of events that Pendo can send to Segment. These events will show up as tables in your warehouse, and as regular events in your other Destinations. Pendo will send through the userId (in Pendo this is the visitorId) if available.

visitorCreatedA new visitor was created
visitorMetadataUpdatedVisitor metadata was updated
visitorDoNotProcessUpdatedFlag indicating GDPR status was updated
accountCreatedA new account was created
accountMetadataUpdatedAccount metadata was updated
featureClickedA feature was clicked
trackEventReceivedA track event was received
guideSeenA guide was seen
pollSeenA poll was seen
pollSubmittedA poll was submitted
pageTaggedA page was tagged
pageUpdatedA page was updated
pageDeletedA page was deleted
featureTaggedA feature was tagged
featureUpdatedA feature was update
featureDeletedA feature was deleted
goalCreatedA goal was created
goalUpdatedA goal was updated
goalDeletedA goal was deleted
goalStatusChangedA goal status was changed
NPSSeenA NPS survey was seen
NPSSubmittedA NPS survey was submitted
NPSCreatedA NPS survey was created
NPSUpdatedA NPS survey was updated
NPSDeletedA NPS survey was deleted
NPSStatusChangedA NPS survey status changed
pollCreatedA poll was created
pollUpdatedA poll was updated
pollDeletedA poll was deleted
pathCreatedA path was created
pathUpdatedA path was updated
pathDeletedA path was deleted
funnelCreatedA funnel was created
funnelUpdatedA funnel was updated
funnelDeletedA funnel was deleted
userInvitedA user was invited
userAddedA user was added
userUpdatedA user was updated
userDeletedA user was deleted

Event Properties

These are the common properties for all Pendo events. The properties section of each event contains the detailed information specific to that event type.

Common PropertiesProperties common to all event types
evente.g. guideSeen
userIdValue of the Visitor Id in Pendo
propertiesCollection of key/value data specific to each event

Adding Destinations

Now that your Source is set up, you can connect it with Destinations.

Log into your downstream tools and check to see that your events are populating and they contains all the properties you expect. If all your events and properties are not showing up, refer to the Destination docs for troubleshooting.

If there are any issues with how the events are arriving to Segment, please contact the Pendo team.

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