The Segment Spec provides guidance on meaningful data to capture, and the best format for it, across all of our libraries and APIs. If you implement Segment using these formats, it’s simple to translate your data to downstream tools.

The Segment Spec has three components.

First, it outlines the semantic definition of the customer data we capture across all of our libraries and APIs. There are six API calls in the Spec. They each represent a distinct type of semantic information about a customer. Every call shares the same common fields.

  • APIs
    • Identify: who is the customer?
    • Track: what are they doing?
    • Page: what web page are they on?
    • Screen: what app screen are they on?
    • Group: what account or organization are they part of?
    • Alias: what was their past identity?

Second, it details the event data we capture across some of our cloud sources and destinations.

Third, it shares the events we recommend you track for a particular industry based on our experience working with thousands of customers. When you respect these specs, we can map these events to particular features within end destinations like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

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