One API, 200+ tools, no more integrations.

Segment unblocks every team, from engineering to product to marketing.

The world’s best companies use Segment to drive growth and revenue.

Capture data from every customer touch point.

Send your customer data to the tools where it can be used most effectively.
iOS, Android, and Xamarin SDKs
Analytics.js, Shopify, Wordpress
Python, Node.js, Ruby, & more
Cloud Apps
CRMs, Payment, Email, & more

Integrations to empower every team

Over 200 sources and destinations empower your team to use their favorite tools to personalize campaigns, analyze product usage, and more.

Developers ♥️ Segment

Integrate Segment once, get access to All The Tools, build the best apps.

Simple API

Integrate once with Segment and you’re done! Marketers can use the Segment dashboard to funnel all the collected data to the tools they use without having to file a task.


Fault tolerant libraries batch and retry messages so you never lose any data. And with only one SDK to test, you dramatically reduce the surface area of third-party bugs in your apps.


Get started quickly, test your integration with the live debugger, and get back to building your apps and sites.

Open Source

Open source SDKs enable you to see exactly how data is collected, translated, and delivered.

Segment’s interface has allowed non-technical people at Trunk Club to adjust integration configurations without the need for any developers. Almost 100 people including product managers, engineers, and marketers are making decisions with data collected by Segment.
Jason Block, Senior Software Engineer at Trunk Club
Getting started is easy. Be up and running in minutes.