Segment and Mixpanel help high-growth company heycar redefine the customer experience

With Segment & Mixpanel, heycar saved more than 1,000 engineering hours, and is now able to quickly launch and validate products.

The Company

heycar is a new, user-friendly online platform for used cars of all makes. Founded in 2017 in Germany and launched in the U.K. in August 2019, the company is on a mission to bring greater trust and transparency to the used car market.

They achieve this by partnering with selected dealers and only listing vehicles under eight years old, with mileage of less than 150,000 kilometers, and with full warranty. Users can search the inventory of over 450,000 quality used cars quickly and easily online.

The Challenge

Online auto sales are a mature market in Germany, dominated by two main competitors. Because of this, heycar’s launch into the German market had to be flawless. Despite these high stakes, heycar’s product engineering team was tasked with building the launch-ready product in just three months.

As Francis Tuason, Head of Business Intelligence said, “You can imagine the Herculean task we had of getting a product to launch in three months. Part of the problem was not just building the frontend but also the backend microservices. We also had to consider how those services would integrate with our other marketing and analytical tools, so that we could scale quickly while being compliant with local and EU laws (GDPR).”

Additionally, soon after the launch, heycar realized they needed deeper visibility into their funnel to accurately understand how their users were interacting with their product. “After our launch it was clear we couldn’t get by with some of the tools we initially implemented. We needed to mature our tech stack.”

The Solution

The first thing heycar did was implement Segment. “With three months to build a product, we couldn’t afford to use our engineering resources on building our own tracking and data pipelines. After some research, we identified Segment as the scalable solution we needed to not only implement reliable collection, but also send that data to our different MarTech tools and to our data warehouse,” said Tuason.

Additionally, heycar was looking for a tool that could scale with them as they grew post-launch.

Segment has been able to adapt to our growth. We're 17x the user base than when we launched. Segment has been able to accommodate the surge in growth that we had during that time.
Francis Tuason, Head of Business Intelligence

Once heycar launched, they started evaluating tools for deeper product analysis. With no dedicated BI team at the time, they needed a simple solution to get deeper visibility and understanding of how customers were interacting with their product in order to effectively determine how to optimize product features. “We identified Mixpanel as a solution we were interested in and the key for us,” said Tuason “was that Segment had an integration capability with Mixpanel already. That was a bonus because then we could easily get Mixpanel in production without requiring additional engineering efforts. It was a win-win for everyone.”

By integrating with Mixpanel, Segment was able to efficiently get customer data from where it originated to where it was needed. This integration provided heycar with consistent and clear access to their data. From there, Mixpanel was able to give them a view into user interactions with heycar’s web and mobile app and provide the necessary tools for more targeted communication and improved product development cycles.

The Result

The results of integrating Segment with Mixpanel have been overwhelmingly positive for heycar. By purchasing Segment as a solution, instead of building their own that would need constant updating, heycar saved more than 1,000 engineering hours since their launch.

Their product development cycle was accelerated thanks to the Segment/Mixpanel integration that allowed heycar to quickly launch and validate products. This significantly sped up their “build-measure-learn” cycle.

The Segment/Mixpanel integration also empowered users throughout the organization to be more data-centric. heycar had easier visualization and communication around the most important events on the website, allowing for a 4x increase in their conversion rate and a 3x increase in user retention. “Segment and Mixpanel provided shared data ownership and responsibility across engineering, BI, Product, and Marketing," said Tuason.

Finally, with a clear look into their funnel, heycar was able to quickly pinpoint problems and potential opportunities. All of this was made possible by Segment’s ability to collect and distribute clean, accessible customer data, and seamlessly integrate it with Mixpanel.

Industry: Automotive
Location: Berlin
Employees: 200

Segment was the perfect partner for us because they provided not only a data collection solution but also a really nice way to integrate with our other MarTech tools.

Francis Tuason

Head of Business intelligence,

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