How Leadfeeder uses Segment to deliver personalized customer journeys while saving valuable resources

With Segment’s single API, Leadfeeder has realized a 4.5x cost savings and a 100% reduction in the time required to build data pipelines.

The Company

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Leadfeeder is a globally-operated lead generation platform for B2B companies. Leadfeeder turns website visitors into sales leads by connecting with your website’s Google Analytics to uncover the companies that visit your website, which channel they came from, and what content they engage with. When you see an interesting lead, you can have it automatically sent to your sales team by email, slack or directly to your CRM, helping to convert leads into sales before your competition is even aware of them.

The Challenge

The Leadfeeder team wanted to deliver a more personalized customer journey tailored to each of their users based on their behavior. Unfortunately, to accomplish this type of personalized messaging at scale required heavy resources from the Leadfeeder engineering team.

They heavily relied on developer resources to comb through their first-party data and transform it to ensure that it was actionable for the marketing team. “We wanted to be able to experiment quickly, but we always needed to allocate a developer to help build a process that enabled us to access the event data we needed. This typically took weeks to complete,” said Kosti Lepojärvi, Product Manager at Leadfeeder.

The Solution

While contemplating which resources they could allocate to build an infrastructure themselves, they found Segment. Segment provides a single API for customer data, allowing companies to save time writing excessive integration code and implement their martech stack with just a couple clicks. It was the perfect solution for Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder was drawn to Segment because it allowed them to simplify customer data collection and distribution across all of their downstream tools. They quickly realized that investing in Segment was a fraction of the cost it would take to build their own solution.

“We were a lean team, and we recognized that if we invested in Segment we could better direct our team’s time to building new things instead of maintaining data," said Lepojärvi.

With Segment, Leadfeeder was able to quickly bridge user behavior data from their product and immediately send it to downstream tools like Intercom, their customer messaging platform, or into their Redshift warehouse, where the Leadfeeder data and analytics teams could use it to build data visualizations in Tableau—all without taxing their own development team.

Now when a Leadfeeder user completes a 14-day trial, Leadfeeder can easily see which features the user most utilized. Then, using those insights, they can customize their communications with the user to deliver relevant information that would convert the trial user into a customer.

The Result

Not only was the initial investment in Segment more cost effective than building their own solution, but Leadfeeder was also able to save the equivalent of two full-time employees, plus resources from other teams, that would have been required to maintain the event data-tracking that Segment seamlessly and automatically manages. This equates to a 4.5x cost savings for Leadfeeder.

“Our team can now concentrate on higher-priority projects. For example, now that we always have access to the latest experiment data in Tableau, we can quickly transfer these learnings to the development team for them to improve the experiment for even greater results. We’re saving money by preserving human resources. and our people feel like they’re really adding value to the business,” said Lepojärvi.

Before Segment, it would take Leadfeeder at least two weeks to allocate a developer and build the process to funnel new data into downstream tools for marketing campaigns. With Segment, Leadfeeder has reduced the time it takes to build these data pipelines by 100%— from hours to minutes—and no longer requires developer resources.

Segment enables Leadfeeder to save time and money while making informed, data-backed decisions. Lepojärvi added, “Every decision made at Leadfeeder is backed by data. With Segment’s platform seamlessly managing the data stream between our systems, Segment is at the center of all decisions we make.”

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: Helsinki, Finland

With Segment’s platform seamlessly managing the data stream between our systems, Segment is at the center of all decisions we make.

Kosti Lepojärvi

Product Manager, Leadfeeder

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