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Personalized email marketing


  • Provides real-time behavioral analytics based on engagement type such as product viewed, link clicked, or time spent on site

  • Deploys filter-based product and content recommendations to users based on customer behavior and “recommendation recipes” based on product categories, price points, similar products purchased, and products viewed

  • Automates sorting, reordering, and bundling so customers can find relevant products in search or discover previously viewed products

  • Analyzes revenue and trends by tracking orders, shopping cart abandonment, and click-to-purchase stats 

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Segment makes it easy to set up Evergage

How Evergage works

Evergage is powered by a Javascript library that needs to be loaded on all the pages that you plan to customize and also where any relevant user activity occurs so you can target people based on what they’ve done. You can use Evergage out of the box with only the Javascript library, but you’ll be limited to customizations based only on which pages people have visited. To get the most out of the tool, Evergage recommends that you record events when people take important actions and tag users with useful attributes that are both personal and about their account or company. Getting that data into Evergage means additional coding time and custom event tracking, since your developer will need to learn the Evergage Javascript methods and hook into them correctly with variable data from the site and database alike.


Get more out of Evergage with Segment

When you enable the Evergage integration in Segment, the Evergage Javascript library will be loaded on your site without any code changes required from you. The customer data you’re recording on your site will also automatically be sent to Evergage in the format it expects. That includes page views, user traits, group traits, and events with properties attached. That’ll give you what you need to build customized experiences for the many different types of visitors and customers on your site. Because Segment loads Evergage’s Javascript library in the background, all the same features work whether you installed Evergage natively or via Segment. The Segment way happens to save you a huge amount of development time, however.

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Segment makes it easy to set up Evergage

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