Health and Life Sciences

Employ real-time data to deliver more personalized outcomes across the care journey

Segment makes it easy to build actionable, HIPAA-eligible data foundations, so you can focus on creating personalized interactions with patients, members, and care consumers.


“We lean heavily on Segment today to identify our consumers and their profile traits, what makes them them, and what kind of journey they are on.”

Christine Li

Director of Marketing Technology

In sales driven in 2021 YTD by direct-to-consumer

Industry-leading Security & Compliance

Segment makes it easy to build a robust data foundation in a HIPAA compliant manner, so you can focus on personalized interactions with patients, members and clinicians.

ISO 27001
ISO 27017
ISO 27018
Cloud Security Alliance
HIPAA Compliant

The Value of Data

AI, machine learning, and automation are becoming a requirement to stay competitive. Is your data being utilized to its full potential?


Twilio is the #1 CDP for 2022 market share as determined by 2023 IDC report.

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