The Composable CDP

Composable CDP Whitepaper Hero

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how:

  • Open, interoperable, modular, composable software has grown in popularity (and why!)

  • A customer data platform like Segment allows data teams to focus on strategic initiatives, freeing them from building data pipelines, managing security, ensuring compliance and more.

  • Companies can use their data warehouse as a source of truth while using Segment to create accurate and rich profiles and activate customer data in downstream destinations.


Twilio Segment - a flexible partner in a composable world

Composable, a term popularized by Gartner in 2020, is when a tech stack or architecture is built using open, interoperable, modular software. Put simply, it’s the process of creating an IT infrastructure composed of interchangeable building blocks.

Segment pioneered this approach in the customer data space with an extensive catalog of pre-built connectors, SDKs, and dev tools all under one roof.  Segment enables teams to quickly configure and implement a CDP, delivering on the vision of a composable ecosystem while offering pre-built, production ready infrastructure.

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