The Power of Personalisation: Building Trust in the Age of Privacy

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It’s your team’s superpower

Wonder what makes Segment a trusted Customer Data Platform (CDP) preferred by over 25,000 businesses? It’s the ability to take charge of personalization with customer data you can trust.


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  • Maximize efficiency with less risk

  • Proactively build trust through privacy

  • Achieve the growth you deserve


IDC’s #1 market share holder for 2022

“Our mission requires good data — and data that is handled in a way that makes it accessible and usable across the organisation” - Peter Føns, CDP Manager, Danske Spil

An all-in customer experience

With Segment, you can deliver the right message at the right time and through the right channel — for an improved Customer Experience (CX) at every touchpoint. 

Get a unified view of your customers and increase retention with advanced multichannel personalization and engagement.


Maximum efficiency with less risk 

Looking for faster time-to-value? Segment lets you build sophisticated multichannel marketing campaigns that iterate quickly based on insights.

With world-class security and deliverability, you can design multi-step interactions that safely leverage first-party data to drive conversion.


Proactive privacy building trust

With the latest and most advanced security measures and certifications, Segment is fully committed to protecting your and your customers’ privacy. That’s why we ensure all of your data is safe, compliant, and completely in your ownership. We allow customers to lead on data residency with regional infrastructure in Europe and the United States.

Visit our Trust Center to learn more about our data privacy practices: www.twilio.com/en-us/trust-center


Achieve the growth you deserve

By utilizing first-party data from 800,000+ monthly users, Danske Spil built a recommendation engine excluding players with problematic gambling behaviors and tailored a customer journey that led to a 4x increase in subscriber conversion.

Achieve the growth you deserve. Join 25,000+ customers who trust Segment to collect, unify, and activate their data.


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