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Enhanced Onboarding Support

Last Updated: September 18, 2019

Example projects provided as part of the Enhanced Onboarding Support may include: - Facilitate technical planning with best practices - Work iteratively with customer to build and review schema - Conduct thorough tracking plan & schema audit - Provide coaching on library implementation and nuances - Weekly check-ins and live support for specific issues - Assist troubleshooting integrations and working with 3rd parties

If you have purchased Personas as part of your Segment service, projects may include: - Personas product training - Recommended Personas-driven “recipes” and use cases based on customer-specific needs (such as industry, business objectives, core metrics, etc) - Support building traits and audiences - Support sending traits to downstream tools - Validation that audiences/traits appear in destinations

If you have purchased Protocols as part of your Segment service, projects may include: - Protocols product training - Support in defining (or unifying) schemas - Best practice recommendations on tracking syntax - Setting up Typewriter and relevant engineering-specific trainings - Validation that appropriate violations are stopped by Protocols (both in Protocols/Segment app and in sample destination(s))