Wootric, powered by Segment.

Use Segment to collect customer data from your website or mobile app.

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Why use Segment?

Speed and Flexibility

Send the same customer data to marketing automation tools, helpdesks and over 150 other tools that complement Wootric.

Consistent Data

Improve the quality and consistency of your customer data by using Segment to plan out what you want to track and confirm exactly what the data looks like.

Built to Scale

Segment processes more than 50 billion API calls a month for thousands of customers.

Ready to Get Started?

1: Sign up with Segment and follow the setup guide for your website or mobile app.

2:Use the Debugger to verify that events are being tracked in real-time.

3:Flip on the Wootric integration and enter your Wootric API Key.

Data should now be flowing through Segment and into Wootric!