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June 26, 2018
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May 31, 2018
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May 31, 2018
Tech company Segment to create 100 jobs in Ireland
May 23, 2018
5 last-minute GDPR resources to help bring businesses into compliance
May 05, 2018
It’s Day One of GDPR, and Facebook, Google Are Accused of Breaking New Rules
April 24, 2018
Segment employs its hub position to implement GDPR deletion or suppression requests
April 24, 2018
Segment launches new GDPR compliance tools
April 11, 2018
Facebook is now in the data-privacy spotlight. Could Google be next?
March 29, 2018
Facebook, longtime friend of data brokers, becomes their stiffest competition
March 29, 2018
Apple’s Cook Has Pointed Advice for Facebook’s Zuckerberg
February 21, 2018
Why the GDPR is actually a good thing for brands
February 08, 2018
Y Combinator Is Launching A “Grad School” For Booming Startups
January 30, 2018
Personalization Is a Priority for Retailers, but Can Online Vendors Deliver?
January 29, 2018
5 Tips for Retail Brands Trying to Get More Personal With Their Customers
January 01, 2018
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December 26, 2017
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December 16, 2017
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November 20, 2017
The battle for control of data could be just starting
November 16, 2017
Segment has a plan to help companies comply with GDPR data privacy requests
November 16, 2017
Ahead of GDPR, Segment sees growing pushback against third-party data sharing
October 29, 2017
Personalized Customer Experience Increases Revenue And Loyalty
October 25, 2017
Segment launches Personas to capture its ecosystem data into customer profiles
October 24, 2017
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October 09, 2017
These Marketers Are Crunching Mounds of Data and Using AI to Understand the Customer Experience
September 12, 2017
Success Without A Diploma: How 3 MIT Dropouts Made It Big
July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017
This S.F. customer data company landed $64 million to double its roster
July 13, 2017
Segment Nets $64 Million to Grow Customer Data Platform
July 13, 2017
Marketing data startup Segment raises $64M
June 13, 2017
How Glossier uses data to make content and commerce work
June 06, 2017
Segment's cross-domain analytics bypasses third-party data aggregators
June 06, 2017
Segment can now track users across sites without third-party cookies
May 09, 2017
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January 19, 2017
12 Top Tech Leaders To Watch in 2017
December 09, 2016
Segment adds Google BigQuery to expand its customer data platform
November 15, 2016
How One Firm Lowered Its Open-Office Noise
October 18, 2016
How One Start-Up Used Data to Solve a Common Office Problem
September 09, 2016
Breather Does Better When Facebook And Google Ad Data Is Together
June 08, 2016
Segment adds automatic data collection for mobile apps
May 31, 2016
Data Delivers Detente Between Product And Marketing At Relay Foods
April 30, 2016
As venture capital dries up, tech start-ups discover frugality
April 06, 2016
Segment adds more data sources besides apps and sites to its hub
April 06, 2016
Segment adds third-party sources like Zendesk and Stripe to help companies truly understand customer experience
April 06, 2016
Segment helps businesses integrate third-party sources into their data pipelines
February 20, 2016
The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers
November 11, 2015
Segment launches new mobile platform to let marketers test app services faster
October 09, 2015
Data hub Segment plans to double its employment, improve product with big funding round
October 09, 2015
Segment Raises $27 Million For Its “One API To Rule Them All”
March 15, 2015
Accel Bets Big On Startup-To-Startup APIs
February 04, 2015
Do APIs Eliminate Middle Management Or Improve Quality of Life?
October 08, 2014
Dropping the '.io,' Segment picks up $15M to become a bigger customer data hub
August 11, 2014
How Open Source Helped Segment Grow a Healthier Company
May 19, 2014
Some simple but important reminders on how user analytics can help you make more money
June 03, 2013
One API To Rule Them All – Lets Mobile Developers Send Analytics Data To Dozens Of Services, Without Resubmitting To App Stores
June 03, 2013 launches iOS and Android SDKs to enable every app analytics solution — all at once
January 25, 2013
YC-Backed Lets Developers Integrate With Multiple Analytics Providers In Hours, Not Weeks