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Attribute purchases with Looker and Snowflake

Measure impact on revenue growth in minutes by building your own attribution dashboard using Looker to pre-model your Segment data in Snowflake.

What do you need?

  • Segment Source

  • Facebook Lead Ads

  • Looker

  • Snowflake

Attribute your ad spend with Segment

With a huge integration catalog and plenty of no-code features, Segment provides easy-to-maintain capability to your teams with minimal engineering effort. Great data doesn't have to be hard work!

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You’re investing in user acquisition, so it’s critical to ensure you’re generating a return on your investment. Beyond just measuring impressions and clicks, you need to measure impact on revenue growth.

Using Segment with a data warehouse and business intelligence solution enables you to build revenue attribution models. But rather than building it yourself from scratch, this recipe enables you to launch a revenue attribution dashboard using the Marketing Attribution by Segment Looker Block that pre-models your Segment data in Snowflake. Then you’re live in minutes, not weeks. You can then modify the dashboard to fit your unique business needs. Learn more.

How this works

  • Connect Segment and Snowflake to sync your website

    page calls as well as events like Product Viewed, Product Added, and Order Completed.

  • Use Segment Sources to pull the Facebook campaigns and Google Ads campaigns data and send to Snowflake.

  • The Marketing Attribution by Segment Looker Block is pre-built LookML (their proprietary coding language, similar to SQL) that links the datasets of Segment’s standard schema. It links user-level events to campaigns based on UTM parameters via first touch or last touch attribution methodology.

Steps to get started

  • Configure Facebook and/or Google Ads sources via Segment.

  • Route events, Facebook campaign, and Google campaign data to Snowflake

  • Connect Looker to your Snowflake database

  • Implement the Marketing Attribution by Segment Looker Block from their directory. The directions provide a dashboard with minimal customization.

  • Log in to your dashboard!

Tools you need

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.