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Today’s buyers conduct a ton of upfront research before they decide to engage with your brand. Positive customer reviews on 3rd-party sites could be just what an undecided buyer needs to convert into a customer. With Segment and, you can tip the scales in your favor by nudging your best customers to leave a positive review at just the right moment.

To automate this process, you’ll first need to define a compelling event (such as NPS Score Submitted, Application Installed, Subscription Renewed, or whatever your specific metric is). After that, you can connect Segment and to get user event activity flowing into Finally, you can identify and create a new audience segment in to trigger a message to send when a user qualifies.

How this works:
  • Connect to Segment to get events like App Installed and Order Placed and Message Sent flowing into Segment
  • Define your qualifying event and make sure it’s showing up—you can also build a custom audience with computed traits in Segment Personas
  • Build your campaign and qualifying audience criteria in (or sync the custom audience you built in Segment Personas to
  • Create your message and schedule it to send via when a user qualifies
Steps to get started:
Tools you need:
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