Automatically send an autoresponder email when your initial email goes unopened with

Email can give users a helpful nudge to complete steps in your onboarding or activation flow. However, with an average email open rate below 30 percent, the majority of emails you send will never be opened. Crush industry averages by automatically sending follow up emails to users who haven’t opened your initial email or haven’t yet completed any steps you’re trying to drive.

How this works:
  1. Connect a to Segment and get events like Email Delivered and Email Opened flowing into
  2. Build a segment of users in (or with Segment Personas) where a user received an activation email but did not open it OR complete the activation step
  3. Set a waiting period and schedule a triggered follow up email to send when a user does not activate within that time period
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment
  2. Get data flowing from Segment to
  3. Optional: Use Segment Personas to build custom audiences auto-sync them to
Tools you need:
Connect Segment +

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