Prompt active users to leave a product review with Braze

Positive app reviews can be just the nudge needed to turn a browser into an app downloader. With Segment and Braze, you can be intentional about generating positive reviews for your app by identifying your biggest champions and prompting them to post a product review.

To automate this process, you’ll first need to define a compelling user event (such as Positive NPS Score Submitted, Level Unlocked, Ticket Purchased). From there, you can sync events from Segment to Braze or create a new user trait using Segment Personas. Once your events are flowing, you’ll be able to filter by events or audience traits via Braze to trigger a message or push notification to your most active users.

How this works:
  1. Get data flowing from Segment to Braze
  2. Define your qualifying event and make sure it’s landing in Braze as expected. You can also create a custom audience by building computed traits in Segment Personas.
  3. Create messages in Braze to send to your qualifying audience
  4. Within Braze, schedule a triggered push notification or in-app notification when a user qualifies
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment (Mobile tracking spec here)
  2. Connect Segment and Braze
  3. Optional: Use Segment Personas to build custom audiences to send to Braze
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + Braze

Collect data once with Segment and send it any tool you use. No more tedious integrations. No more engineering resources wasted.

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How Braze works with Segment

Segment makes it easier to install Braze across all platforms: Javascript on web, iOS or Android SDKs, and server-to-server. The user information recorded with the identify method and any actions being recorded with the track method are all sent through to Braze with the correct format and data labels that it expects. No additional code or configuration is required for those methods.

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