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Positive customer reviews can be just the nudge needed to turn a window shopper into a customer or an app browser into an app downloader. With Segment and Iterable, you can encourage users to leave a positive review for your product by identifying your most active users and encouraging them to leave a review at just the right time.

To automate this process, you’ll first need to define a compelling event (such as Order Delivered, Level Unlocked, Subscription Renewed, or whatever your specific metric is). After that, you can connect Segment to Iterable to get event data flowing into iterable. Finally, you can identify your newly defined audience in Iterable and send a triggered message to users who qualify.

How this works:
  • Connect Iterable to Segment to get events like App Installed and Order Placed and Message Sent flowing into Segment
  • Define your qualifying event and make sure it’s showing up in your Iterable account—you can also create a custom audience with computed traits in Segment Personas
  • Build your campaign and qualifying audience criteria within Iterable
  • Schedule a triggered message to send via Iterable when a user qualifies
Steps to get started:
Tools needed:
Connect Segment + Iterable

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How Iterable works with Segment

When you use Segment to send your customer data to Iterable you won’t need to write any custom code hooks or ETL to get data into and out of the platform. Your existing Segment page views, events, ecommerce activity, and user traits are passed directly to Iterable without even loading its library on your page or needing to bundle its SDK in your mobile app. Everything is handled through the Segment server.

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