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Looking to make your emails more relevant and engaging to users? When you track user events like Page Viewed, Video Completed, or Product Added Cart with Segment, you can then build custom audiences via Segment Personas based on topics your audience is interested in. From there, you can send any audience you build to (and hundreds of other tools) to send targeted messages that resonate.

How this works:
  1. Build a custom audience in Segment Personas that ties together meaningful events (e.g. Page Viewed or Product Added) with topical properties (page URL contains running shoes or product brand = Nike).
  2. Save that audience with a name that is easy to understand (e.g. runners_who_wear_nike using the example above)
  3. Sync your newly created audience via Segment Personas
  4. Within, build and send an email to users with the custom trait/audience you just made
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment
  2. Get data flowing from Segment to
  3. Use Segment Personas to build custom audiences and sync to
Tools you need:
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