Track offline conversions from Facebook Ads

It’s never been easy to tie the success of online advertising to offline customer behaviors like visiting a store or making in-store purchases… until now.

Using a Segment server-side source and the Facebook Offline Conversions integration, you can now understand the return on ad spend (ROAS) for Facebook Ad Campaigns and have the data to optimize offline conversions going forward.

How this works:
  1. Create a Segment Server Side Source to capture transactional data from your backend (Point of Sales, ERP or OMS software) and sync it to Segment
  2. Use the Segment ecommerce events spec to standardize your event names
  3. Set up the Facebook Offline Conversions integration
  4. Check the Event Delivery tab in your Facebook Offline Conversions Destination to ensure all your messages are being successfully delivered.
Steps to get started:
  1. Setup event tracking using this ecommerce events spec
  2. Sync Segment server side events from your backend sales system to your Facebook Ads account
Tools you need:
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How Facebook works with Segment

When you use Segment there’s no need to write custom code or to use Facebook’s Javascript library in order to start using Facebook Pixel. Segment page views and events are automatically translated into corresponding Facebook Pixel events in the background. The standard set of Ecommerce events in the Segment Spec get mapped to the standard set of Facebook Pixel Ecommerce events without any additional code.

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