Generate reviews from brand advocates with Leanplum

Positive product and app reviews can be just the push needed to turn a browser into an app downloader. With Segment and Leanplum, you can encourage users to leave positive for your app by identifying your biggest champions and encouraging them to leave a review at the perfect moment.

To automate this process, you’ll first need to define a compelling event (such as Order delivered, Badge Earned, or Subscription Renewed). From there, you can connect Segment to Leanplum to get event data flowing into Leanplum. Finally, you can identify your newly defined audience within the Leanplum platform and trigger a message, email, or push notification to users who qualify.

How this works:
  1. Get customer data flowing from Segment to Leanplum
  2. Define your qualifying event and make sure it’s showing up Leanplum—you can also create a custom audience by building computed traits with Segment Personas
  3. Stage your messages within Leanplum to send to the qualifying audience
  4. Within your Leanplum workspace, schedule a triggered push notification or in-app notification when a user qualifies
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment (Mobile tracking spec here)
  2. Get data flowing from Segment to Leanplum
  3. Optional: Use Segment Personas to build custom audiences to send to Leanplum
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + Leanplum

Collect data once with Segment and send it any tool you use. No more tedious integrations. No more engineering resources wasted.

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How Leanplum works with Segment

When you enable the Leanplum integration in Segment, your customer data gets forwarded automatically. All the data in identify and track methods that you’re already sending to Segment gets shared with Leanplum in the format Leanplum expects. No need to learn its API, data schema, or required code hooks. In fact, you don’t even have to bundle an additional SDK or re-submit to the app store to get customer data into Leanplum, like the data used for emails and push notifications.

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