Identify what industries drive the highest LTV with Amplitude

For software businesses (especially those with subscription pricing), an efficient strategy for growth is focusing on acquiring customers with the highest lifetime value (LTV). If you can identify common traits of customers who retain for the long term, you can target similar audiences, reduce ad spend waste, and deliver more relevant messaging. With Segment, Clearbit, and Amplitude, you can improve your focus by building retention reports to that show your customer LTV by the industry they’re in.

How this works:
  1. Connect Clearbit Enrichment to your Segment workspace
  2. Use Clearbit to enrich new users at signup—this will add industry traits to Segment user profiles
  3. Get data flowing from Segment to Amplitude
  4. Build a retention analysis report in Amplitude to review customer LTV by industry
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment (here’s a quick start guide for B2B SaaS)
  2. Connect Clearbit Enrichment to Segment
  3. Connect Segment to Amplitude
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + Amplitude

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How Amplitude works with Segment

Going through an Amplitude implementation is similar to installing Segment for the first time. You’ll need to map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide which libraries and SDKs you need to collect that data, and install them into your product(s). Amplitude reports are powerful and easy to use once data is flowing, it’s getting the data flowing that takes the most time.

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