Improve mobile app retention with Facebook Ads

On average, an app loses 77% of its daily active users (DAUs) within the first 3 days after being installed. So what can you do to get users back into your app before it’s deleted?

By creating highly targeted ads based off of your user's previous interactions within your app, you can re-engage them and drive them back into your app by encouraging them to complete a specific action like setting up their profile or by promoting top features or incentives. With Segment, Facebook App Events, and Facebook Custom Audiences, you can identify users who are at churn risk and then re-engage them back into your mobile app.

How this works:
  1. Connect Segment and the Facebook App Events integration to send track events to Facebook’s App Events endpoints.
  2. Make sure you track lifecycle events within the Native Mobile Spec to automatically translate any of your events to Facebook’s spec’d events.
  3. Create a new Facebook custom audience where App Install have happened in the last 30 days and where the Launched App event has not
  4. Create and serve ads to your newly created audience!
Steps to get started:
  1. Setup event tracking using this mobile tracking spec
  2. Connect Segment to the Facebook App Events destination
  3. Build a Facebook custom audience using mobile event data
Tools you need:
  • Segment
  • Facebook App Events
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
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How Facebook works with Segment

When you use Segment there’s no need to write custom code or to use Facebook’s Javascript library in order to start using Facebook Pixel. Segment page views and events are automatically translated into corresponding Facebook Pixel events in the background. The standard set of Ecommerce events in the Segment Spec get mapped to the standard set of Facebook Pixel Ecommerce events without any additional code.

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