Personalize Web Content with Optimizely and ClearBrain

Using Segment, ClearBrain, and a web personalization tool like Optimizely, you can group users by product affinity (e.g. pizza lovers or sushi aficionados), and personalize their user experience by serving up relevant content.

A predictive analytics tool like ClearBrain makes it easy to automatically detect users who are likely to make a purchase from specific product category relative to others. From there, you can show categorized recommendations using Optimizely to display content that is more likely to drive conversions.

How this works:
  1. Get data flowing from Segment to ClearBrain
  2. Configure predictive goals in ClearBrain for each target product category or SKU
  3. Group users into the product categories they have the highest affinity for (e.g. pizza > burgers) by creating a multi-goal audience in ClearBrain
  4. Export the ClearBrain multi-goal audience into Segment (this will create a different trait for each product category or SKU) and automatically pass your new audience list into Optimizely
  5. Create content campaigns in Optimizely to deliver onsite personalization for your newly defined ClearBrain product affinity traits
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment
  2. Sync user data and events to ClearBrain via Segment
  3. Sync user data and events to Optimizely via Segment
Tools you need:
Connect Segment + ClearBrain

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How ClearBrain works with Segment

Setting up ClearBrain with Segment shortens your onboarding process from weeks to days. Segment provides a standardized schema of attributes and events which can be immediately processed into ClearBrain’s machine learning schema. No customization or additional engineering required. Additionally, using Segment’s historical replay you can import years of behavioral data to ClearBrain in a few hours, enabling you to skip a data collection period and move immediately to insights.

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