Retarget users who abandon signup with AdRoll

With user data flowing from Segment to AdRoll, you can create segments of visitors within your AdRoll account to reach users who have initiated your sign up flow but did not convert. When you build a custom audience “segment” in your AdRoll account, you can use Segment to map events (like initiating sign up) to a corresponding AdRoll “Segment ID” and encourage users to finish your sign up flow with retargeting ads.

How this works:
  1. Add AdRoll as a destination within your Segment workspace
  2. Map your event names to an “abandoned sign up” AdRoll Segment ID in the Segment Settings UI
  3. Create an AdRoll campaign that targets users who started your onboarding flow, but did not go on to create an account
  4. Import your ad creatives into AdRoll and launch!
Steps to get started:
  1. Set up event tracking with Segment (here’s a tracking plan example to get started)
  2. Send and map events to AdRoll using the Segment AdRoll Destination
  3. Build custom “segments” of sign up flow abandoners within your AdRoll account
Tools you need:
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How AdRoll works with Segment

As an alternative to building customized event tracking specific to the AdRoll API and installing various Javascript snippets, you can use Segment to automatically load the AdRoll library onto your pages for you, and leverage the data you’ve already got flowing. Segment handles all of the data collection and transformation steps that AdRoll requires.

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